FakeDrivingSchool - Betty Foxxx Cute Spanish learner loves big cock

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I was excited to pick up my student Betty Foxxx in the Mean Orange Machine today. It was her final lesson before taking her driving test, and Betty had been performing admirably behind the wheel. Sitting down in the car today, however, something about Betty seemed off. She was nervous, and making rookie mistakes like trying to start the car when it was already on! I had her pull over so we could talk, and Betty revealed why she was so nervous: she had a crush on me, and didn't want the lessons to end. She had even worn a see-through shirt to show me her big tits. She needed to relax, so when she kissed me and grabbed my cock, I didn't stop her. I fucked her tight pussy all over the Mean Orange Machine and gave her arse a good spanking, then came in her mouth!